2 thoughts on “Watch “H-PH207X-FA12-L11-10_100” on YouTube”

  1. Hi, thanks for your good website
    I’ve really become interested in this edX course namely “Health in Numbers: Quantitative Methods in Clinical & Public Health Research” but unfortunately the enrolment is closed for it on edX website.
    I found this post in your website containing only one of its videos. I figured out that this video in your post is unlisted in youtube and other videos of this course are not available to everyone on youtube and they’re not shown in youtube’s search results.
    If you have access, can you please give me the link to all of this course’s videos on youtube??

    I really appreciate it and thanks a lot in advance

    1. Even-though the enrollment is closed, i think you can still access the archived materials once you have registered with EDX.

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