Make your own bib style (using makebst.tex and positioning it to be useful in latex)

two resources :

Creating bst file:

1) Read this one first ( , then

Locating and loading your bst file:



More resources:






EndNote – Server Execution Failed , EndNote Error – SOLUTION


Thank you for contacting Thomson Reuters Technical Support.

I am sorry to hear that you are facing this issue with EndNote and I am happy to assist you.

Both the error messages (Server Execution Failed, EndNote error) will appear if you have the older versions of EndNote installed on your machine.

Please follow the steps listed below to fix this issue.

1. Please back up your existing EndNote library files by using the compressed library option from here:
2. Navigate to Windows Control Panel, Programs and Feature, please see if you have the older versions of EndNote installed. If yes, please uninstall the older versions except EndNote X5.
3. Once the older versions are uninstalled, please follow the steps listed here:

a. Close Word and Outlook if running.
b. Open My Computer (Computer on Vista/7).
c. Go to the Tools menu (press Alt to view menus in Windows Vista/7). Select Folder Options / View tab. Uncheck the box that reads “Hide file extensions for known file types,” and select “Show hidden files and folders”. Click Ok.
d. Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the Word Startup folder. The default location of Startup depends on your version of Windows.
C:Users[YOUR USER NAME]AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWordSTARTUP

e. Remove any EndNote files from this location if found.

4.  There is a folder in the temp folder that can cause an issue if permissions to that folder are damaged. Please follow these steps:

a. Close EndNote.
b. In a Search box or Run dialog type:
c. Hit return.
d. In the Temporary folder that opens locate the “EN_DbLinks” folder.
e. Delete this folder. If it fails to delete because of permissions, you may need to use “Disk Cleanup” to reset the “temporary files” on the computer.

Restart your computer and then open EndNote and Word.

Please see if you are able to use EndNote and Word without any error messages.

Based on the solution provided above, this case will be closed and no further action is required on your part. However, if this does not resolve your issue, please reply to this email and your case will be immediately reopened for additional support.


Harvard (Author-Year) style in Lyx

Lyx 2.0.6


Some journals require Harvard style of citation. Lyx works almost flawlessly with numeric

Without using biber or biblatex, try these steps

1) Open Lyx

2) Go to menu ‘Document’ —> ‘Setting’ —> ‘Bibliography’ —> choose natbib

3) Insert ‘List’ —> ‘TOC’ —> ‘Bibtex Bibliography’

4) ‘Database’ —> ‘Add’ —> ‘Style’ —> choose ‘plainnat’

5) Insert ‘Citation’ , choose article, ADD —> ‘formatting’ —> choose suitable ‘Citation style’ —> APPLY

6) View