Google Maps and Reverse Geocoding in QGIS



If necessary -> Install plugins ‘geocode’

If necessary ->Install plugin ‘Openlayers’

Layers -> ‘Add group’ -> rename eg ‘google’

Check ‘Project Properties’ ->make sure WGS84

Layers->’Add group’->rename eg ‘OSM’

Web->OpenLayers Plugin->Google maps->google satellite

Web->OpenLayers Plugin->Google maps->google street


To geo-code



Click the place to geocoded (can click more than one point on the map)

Specify CRS – WGS84 ->Click Ok

A geocoded layer added (Geocoding Plugin Results)

Geocoding Plugin Results Layer -> Properties -> Change to desired symbol


Problems Installing ‘rgdal’ on Ubuntu

Nicely written

In essence do these:

sudo apt-get install aptitude # install aptitude as an alternative to apt-get

sudo aptitude install libgdal-dev # install the package (you may have to respond to queries here)

sudo aptitude install libproj-dev # install the proj.4 projection library