About Me

As for now, I am the senior medical lecturer (as an Associate Professor in Epidemiology and Statistics, to be specific) at the School of Medical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Kelantan, Malaysia.

I teach undergraduate medical students. And in addition to that, I am heavily involved with postgraduate teachings mainly for the Master of Public Health (MPH), Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) and MSc (Medical Statistics).

I actively engage with epidemiologic research and being an academician I write papers and books.

The front view of the medical school

“You are not IN THIS WORLD if you do not have a website” so that’s the purpose of this webpage


Academic Qualifications

I did my undergraduate medical degree and graduated with MD (USM) in 1997. After completing a 4-year Master of Community Medicine (Epidemiology and Biostatistics, USM), I graduated in 2005. And in 2017,

I obtained a PhD degree in Statistics and Epidemiology from Lancaster University, UK. I was supervised by Dr Thomas Keegan and Distinguished Professor Peter Diggle

Lancaster University

Front gate

Front Gate

From above

Lancaster University from above

Fields of expertise

Epidemiological Modelling 

I teach and do research on communicable and non-communicable disease modelling, spatial epidemiology and quantitative epidemiology.

That means I used lots of applied statistics.

Statistical Modelling

I deal mainly with statistical modellings such as the general and generalized linear models and mixed models when it comes to analysis.

The study designs that I commonly use are the cross-sectional and the cohort (survival analysis, longitudinal data analysis) and clinical trials.

Statistical Computing:

This is the IDE that I am using in 90% of my analytics time. Some of my works on GitHub

I have used STATA and SPSS before.  

Data analytics 

I do some predictive analytics for example machine learning.

I was a sessional lecturer at the Monash University Malaysia where I taught Data Analytics for Business.