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I am an academician cum a scientist with a background in medicine. Currently, I am an Associate Professor in a large medical school in a well known public university in Malaysia. I am also a gazetted Public Health Physician.

I am interested in disease modelling using the right blend of epidemiological and statistical modelling, intuitive data analysis and proper research designs. I obtained my Doctor of Medicine degree, then later the post graduate Masters In Community Medicine (Epidemiology and Biostatistics). For reasons I myself am not sure of, I am now pursuing a PhD. My Phd focuses on the stroke epidemiology, modelling its risk factors and its functional outcome.  I went to Lancaster University and did my PhD at the Centre of Health Informatics, Computing And Statistics, perhaps one of the top centre in the world in spatial and spatio-temporal analysis.

I have spent lots of time and will definitely spend a lot more time on finding good quality resources on study designs and data analysis. By putting all these resources in a blog under various categories, I hope it will help visitors for this blog to understand better the important designs of studies and proper data analysis. Well, at the same time, and more importantly, this helps me to get ‘more organised’ because I will no longer lose important information found on the web.

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