R Markdown v2 – knit html, knit pdf and knit word

Yes ….. pdf is good but sometimes MS Word is needed. Great piece of work, Yihui..

Let me summarize it:


This — the rmarkdown — can make you

‘knit HTML’, also

‘knit PDF’ and yes

‘knit Word’



Issues with running Lyx and knitr and R — Setting the paths, avoid error message (RScript, knitr->latex) and view correctly the output

I have been struggling for hours yesterday to set up correctly my Lyx so it will run knitr both in Lyx and R. The 2 most common complains by Lyx are:

Rscript –verbose –no-save –no-restore “/Applications/LyX.ap

Package(s) required: knitr->latex. Modules excluded: LilyPond Book and Sweave. WARNING: Some required packages are unavailable

Well, after that frustrating many hours spent or rather invested, it works, and these probably the correct settings for your Lyx: