Adding Field and Do Field calculator in QGIS

Summary of Steps
1) Open attribute table (.csv) if in csv format
2) use to save to shapefile format
note – if already in shapefil, not need to save again in csv
3) Click the edit (‘Pen’ shape button) of the shapefile
4) Click the ‘Field calculator’ at the most right hand-side of attribute table
5) Choose ‘output field name’, ‘output field type’
6) Expand the function list – eg Geometry, Field and values etc

Reprojecting and Transforming Data

source :


  • Right-click on the rural layer in the Layers list.
  • Select Save As… in the menu that appears. You will be shown the Save vector layer as… dialog.
  • Click on the Browse button next to the Save as field.
  • Navigate to exercise_data/ and specify the name of the new layer as rural_reprojected.shp.
  • Leave the Encoding unchanged.
  • Change the value of the Layer CRS dropdown to Selected CRS.
  • Click the Browse button beneath the dropdown.
  • The CRS Selector dialog will now appear.
  • In its Filter field, search for 33S.
  • Choose WGS 84 / UTM zone 33S from the list.
  • Click OK.