Clipping (Subsetting) a point layer over a polygon layer

Nice tutorials by Robin Lovelace on Clipping

‘This miniature vignette shows how to clip spatial data based on different spatial objects in R and a ‘bounding box’. Spatial overlays are common in GIS applications and R users are fortunate that the clipping and spatial subsetting functions are mature and fairly fast. We’ll also write a new function called gClip(), that will make clipping by bounding boxes easier.’

Point pattern analysis

A brilliant example of point pattern analysis :

A step-by-step in

  1. reading shapefile
  2. using packages for point patterns
  3. descriptive statistics for point pattern
  4. generate intensity and density

by – Fabio Veronesi (

Problems Installing ‘rgdal’ on Ubuntu

Nicely written

In essence do these:

sudo apt-get install aptitude # install aptitude as an alternative to apt-get

sudo aptitude install libgdal-dev # install the package (you may have to respond to queries here)

sudo aptitude install libproj-dev # install the proj.4 projection library